Choosing children shoes

04/08/2012 |

When choosing shoes for a child consider the following:

Carefully, read all the information presented about children footwear.

Ask for the child's waist, try it with the child standing. Note that a shoe should have an extra space in the length of 1.5 cm, in order that the fingers are not tight and not lose the foot movement.

For younger children we recommend a good fit (velcro, lace or buckle) for easy closing, being that it should not reach the area of flexion.

Refresh your shoes when you see the child, for its growth, need a new size.

Look inside the shoe, it should be smooth, without seams or inside edges that can hurt your child's foot.

Try bending the shoe in the foot's natural flex and try to twist it from right to left. Both movements must reflect the flexibility of the materials that allow movements of the foot.

The sole should be raised or multi-drawings and to avoid potential slips and falls. 

Observe the materials of the top (uppers), one should choose the "not waterproof and flexible," stop breathing at the bottom and do not confer rigidity against movements.

In footwear or synthetic fabric is recommended that you submit to ventilate the foot holes.
In young children is not recommended for footwear with studs and bow (the latter should be used only under medical advice).

Carefully review the footwear and packaging prior to purchase, remember that sometimes the manufacturer submits recommendations on cleaning and / or drying of the product and no contaminants.