Presence of Arc, breakers toe and heel in children foot

19/08/2012 |

Presence of Arc: The evolution of the morphology of the foot of

the child and the arch changes as the child


Should be noted that the plantar arch (set

architectural elements that form the bone and

ligament of the foot) does not reach its normal morphology

up to four years of age, so that inclusion of a

arch support should be preceded by prescription

care. It is inadvisable to include elements

orthopedic, especially arch support.

Breaks to toe: the breaks to toe meets two missions. On the one hand, help the movement of the foot clearance during walking and, second, it decreases the child's risk of falls due to ripping.

It recommends the presence of breaks and, if possible, during the early stages of start angle violates the toe is raised above the ground 12 ° to 14 °.

Heel: it discourages the use of block, but in

some designs where it exists, must provide

stability support zone being equal to or greater than the

heel strike zone.


Arch: It should not have

Breaks toe: It must have

Heel: It should not have