Weight, permeability and absortion of children´s shoes

11/08/2012 | www.panyno.com

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Weight of the finished footwear

The total weight of the pair is related to the weight of the component materials including accessories, decorations and so on. It is recommended that the shoes are lightweight so as not to interfere with the ordinary.

RECOMMENDATION: Weight acceptable for size No. 24: Maximum 360g per pair.


At low values ​​of permeability of the material, moisture would be retained within the shoe, which is not comfortable nor expected from the point of view of health and hygiene of the foot.


A good absorption - desorption of the template material to eliminate foot perspiration and make it "breathe or ventilate better."

To take into account that the breathability is desirable to be performed by the upper shoe and to prevent absorption by the part of the sole that is in contact with the bacteria found in soil.