Based in Villena, the most important European area of infant shoes, our company produces baby and infant shoes since 1978.

Our brand, Panyno, was created with the idea of three basic concepts: high quality shoes, investments in the new designs to adjust our shoes to the different shapes and sizes of our children’s feet and a quality service in order to cover all the needs of our customers.

Using first class leathers, our collection is a combination of avant-garde and classic shoes as a result of the continuous study of the market and tendencies.

Because of all of this, we are an agile, dynamic and very flexible company in all of our departments.

With the idea of looking to the future we work everyday, with the premise of getting the best grade of satisfaction from our customers.

Since we started to work, we settle our sales in the Spanish domestic market. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find us in all of the small and big cities.

In 1997, we opened our sales to the international market and since then, we did not stop our efforts. At the moment we are in 16 different countries.

Humbly, we keep working everyday to be one step closer to you.